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Re-System Singapore Marketing
Re-System Singapore Marketing

A Message from Re-New Co. Ltd

Korea¡¯s economic growth, which was begun in earnest from the 1990s, remarkably prospered the construction industry. Subsequently, the large-scaled constructions, such as Gyeongbu (Seoul-Busan) High-Speed Railway, Incheon International Airport, Seohaean Expressway (connects Incheon and Mokpo along the western coastline), subway constructions by each local autonomous entity, World Cup stadiums (completed in 2002), etc., have been propelled under a governmental policy.

The prosperity of construction bore stately and aesthetic structures. However, the structures are causing many troubles including crack, leakage, etc., let alone maintaining status quo. In particular, the leakage problem of completed concrete structure has been treated as an incurable headache among the related.

To solve the leakage problem, RENEW SYSTEM developed TURBO-SEAL and POLY-AS (water-proofing material), using new material that automatically treats damaged parts, through industry-university cooperation with Seoul National University of Technology. In addition, it was designated as the 376th New Technology by Ministry of Construction and Transportation.

As RENEW SYSTEM¡¯s new product have been used in various parts, such as the gallery of dam (built in 80 meter water), Incheon International Airport in Yeongjon-do, the roadbed of subway, the cable tunnel of KT Corporation, mountain tunnel, Seoul Station building, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, National Folk Museum, thermoelectric power stations, school buildings under each Office of Education, Korea National Housing Corporation, etc., it has been demonstrated the superiority of function as water-proofing and repairing material. Moreover, it is being recognized as one of the most perfect water-proofing material all over the world.

RENEW SYSTEM will continue to contribute to environmental preservation, including creating optimum housing environment, preserving subterranean water, preparing roof gardens, etc, and will endeavor at improving national life.

Chairman Sang-Kuen Lee and President Jong-Yong Lee